How To Do Staging Before Selling Home

How To Do Staging Before Selling Home

Home staging is simply setting up your home to appeal to the potential buyers so they can buy it. It is giving your home that homely inviting look so that the buyers can picture themselves living in such surroundings and then quickly decide to buy. The practice of home staging has become very popular with many home sellers and there are even TV shows that feature homes for sale before and after staging.

Why It Is Important

A staged home will look more attractive to the buyers in photos and even on the internet; it makes a positive first impression. Many buyers will come for a viewing after seeing the photos and you will no doubt get offers, unlike those home sellers with vacant empty homes Staging a home also ensures the buyers who come for a viewing get a lasting impression of the beauty of the home. It can also transform a simple room into a better version, making it appear larger and habitable. This will no doubt increase the value of your home. All you have to do is name your price to an interested buyer and they will see why the price is worth the home. It is no doubt the best way to get a top dollar price for your home.

How To Do Staging Before Selling Your Home

Staging your home will require you to be creative and come up with the ideal home environment that will appeal to many buyers with different tastes.

Use A Professional

Getting a professional home stager to help might be worth it because they know what actually appeals to buyers. Doing this is the only way to make sure that your home sells quicker and at a higher price. This is why many real estate agents recommend staging as the perfect way to create the wow factor in the buyers.

When staging a few tips to help you along are as follows:

. Do Basic Preparations

Basic preparations involve cleaning the house and ensuring that it is sparkling clean and smells fresh. Remove any clutter to make your home look more spacious and inviting. Also remove any personal items to make the buyer have the impression that the house is theirs and not yours. Let the natural light in by opening the curtains or putting up sheers. Do some landscaping and remove any obstacles like that piece of junk car that has been in the yard for years, you could also cut down that overgrown tree if any.

. Use Your Space Well

Make sure your home is spacious, rearrange your furniture if you have to or simply replace it if it can’t achieve the objective. Use effective storage solutions to further de-clutter your home.

. Update Your Appliances

Give your home a more modern feel with the latest appliances. Replace your old appliances with new up-to-date ones and ensure that they blend well with the overall interior decor. This will be more attractive to the buyers.

When To Stage

The perfect time to stage is during daytime when there is enough light to create that great first impression. Staging before the listing skyrockets or the sign goes out is also advisable. There is only one chance to make the best first impression.